We ask you kindly to read carefully our Privacy Policy to have a clear understanding of our modalities of use, collecting, distribution, protection and management of the information collected on Nomad Advisor.


The present Privacy Policy refers to the information we collect when you use our website or when you communicate with us in other ways. It also describes how we use and and share this information and which privacy modifications we offer to you.


Every once in a while we might alter some arrangements of the present Privacy Policy, but if we do so, we inform you, as we want you to read our  Privacy Policy carefully anew each time we change something, e.g. and everytime you are using our services.


We collect the information that you give us, e.g. when you register a new account or when you are updating your profile, but also when you just use our services or when you request our assistance. The kind of information we collect includes:


First we ask for basic user information like your name, surname and user name, as well as your birth date or your e-mail adress, but you can also add more information which you can leave just as you like, e.g. the city you were born in or photos.


We also collect the messages and the information you leave in the interactive forum, like for example the group messages.


We do not share this information about you with a third party, but:
– if consultants or suppliers of a third party need this information to do their work we share it, so they can help us to improve our services for you
– the contents of public group discussions of a forum or of a public profile are connected to search engines and might be indicated to people using the search engine’s services


We can also allow a third party, e.g. Google Analytics, to do some analyzation services for us concerning the utilization of our services. They can use cookies as well as other technologies and strategies to collect information about the use of our services, including the analyzation of browsers, the pages you visited last, IP adresses, the time you stayed on a page, the links you used etc. This information can be used by Nomad Advisor to understand much better your life online. For example, we analyze information in order to determine the popularity of certain contents, or in order to show you other contents or links you might be interested in.


Of course, Nomad Advisor takes all safety precautions necessary to protect the information from loss, theft, distribution, alteration, destruction, inapropriate use or unauthorized access.


The data given to Nomad Advisor by the user at the moment of inscription will be registered thanks to an electronical database, which belongs to Nomad Advisor, who will be the holder and the responsible of the process and later of the custodity of the data in Italy using the server of the internet provider Aruba Spa.


It is possible to modify the privacy settings and to control if any information of you is shared with other users or not. You can do this on your profile on our website. You can also correct or update the information about you or deactivate your account at any moment by accessing Nomad Advisor via this very account you want to change in order to modify your profile as you like.


Most browsers work with cookies by default, however, you can still choose to set your browser to remove or reject browser cookies. So if you do not want to surf with cookies you have to find out how the removal works for your browser. But please note that our services do not work properly if your browser does not accept cookies while you visit Nomad Advisor.


Nomad Advisor may contain links to stores. Please remind, that if you use these links you will leave the website www.nomadadvisor.com and Nomad Advisor will take no responsability in relation to the content of other websites except from www.nomadadvisor.com. Still we ask every user to read carefully the non-disclosure agreements of every entity or society with which you make contact.


If there is any request for clarification concerning this Privacy Policy you can contact us via


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