Using our services without respecting the terms and conditions can amongst others cause the offender’s suspension from the user rights and from our services as well as to the closure of  the account and can even lead to legal action of Nomadadvisor.com (below referred to as ‘Nomad Advisor’, ‘it’ and ‘its’, as well as ‘we’, ‘us’ or ‘our’) against the offender involving civil and/or penal sanctions.

We reserve the right to modify or alter the present terms and conditions at any time and in our sole and unfettred discretion. If Nomad Advisor varies the present terms and conditions we will inform our users of those modifications also by revising the words indicated at the initial of these very terms and conditions.

Using our services continuously after the publication of a variation or a modification implies the acceptance of this alteration. For this reason the user (below also referred to as ‘you’, ‘your’ and ‘her/his’) is asked to reexamine periodically the present terms and conditions in order to be able to use Nomadadvisor.com consistently to them.



It is necessary that you register an account by using your e-mail adress or Facebook login, if you want to use our services. Registrating an account the user accepts to provide only accurate, veritable, current and complete information; further you agree to maintain well and to keep updated the information concerning your account any eventual modification; you also consent to maintain the security of your account, i.e. you protect your password and you limit the access to your own account; you accept as well to inform Nomad Advisor in due time, if you identify or suppose any violation of the security of our services; in addition you assume liability for all activities which are performed by your account and you accept all riscs of an eventual authorized or unauthorized access.



The user has the sole responsability for any interaction with other users. Our services provide a platform for the users to get to know each other, to organize trips, to participate in events or activities and to communicate. Nomad Advisor is neither involved nor interested in any eventual communication, interaction, controversy, transaction and so on amongst the users. Furthermore it extends no warranty and has no responsability or liability in relation to that. You are the sole responsible for your own interactions with other users and for your use of our services.

Nomad Advisor is only a platform which provides communication and interaction among people from all over the world. We cannot be responsible for the interactions which occur between you and other users, so we ask you to be aware and to never forgert about your common sense when using our services.



The services include interactive areas in which the user can create, publish or modificate contents like events, posts, messages, data, information, text, music, photography, video etc.

You are the sole responsable for any content that is created, varied or sent by your account using our services.

The user accepts NOT to send, upload, alter, distribute or create contents via our services which we hold for incorrect or improper. These contents are listed below and all decision about an alteration of this list is in our sole discretion.

This list includes all contents:

– that are illegal, unlawful, libelous, diffamatory, harassing, threatening, invasive of publicity or privacy rights, or any other content that would otherwise disrespect any local, state, or national or international law.

– which contain scenes of nudity, pornographic material, sexually explicit or otherwise obscene contents, as well as indecent, suggestive or sexually exploitative (especially if it is sexual exploitation of minors) material.

– which can denigrate any racial, ethnical, sexual or religious group.

– which represent illegal drug use.

– using offensive language or pictures.

– which abet people to violence or characterize violence as something acceptable or glorious.

– containing unauthorized advertising, promotion or political campaigning. For providing this kind of content you need a prior written authorization of Nomad Advisor.

– that include private or personal information of another person but yourself, if the other person has not consented to the dispersion of this information.

– which may destroy, damage, derogate or overstrain the functioning of our services in any way, as well as all kinds of virus, damaged, dangerous or destructive files, corrupted data, cancel bots, Trojan horses, flood pings, denial-of-service attacks and packet or IP spoofing

– that can represent a violation of the rights of any third party, e.g. patents, trademarks and trade secrets, as well as privacy, copyright or other intellectual or proprietary rights of any third party may not be misapplied. By publishing such contents the user extends warranty and declares to have the legal right to distribute and reproduce these.

Nomad Advisor is not responsible for any content created by users.

If you note any content which violates the present terms and conditions, you can and you should communicate us this content by using our reporting instruments provided by our services.

Using our services the user accepts to act in a responsible way, to think regarding common sense and to respect the community.



All contents and all material present in our services, including the logo of Nomad Advisor as well as all contents of the subdivided areas like Nomad, Advisor, Profile, Forum etc. and all music, text, graphic, video material, design, information, data, software, audio files and other files of this website, as well as the selection and disposition thereof, are the exclusive property of Nomad Advisor or of our licensors or our users and they are protected by international copyright law.

As a user you get a limited license, which  is neither exclusive nor alienable, only in order to access and to use the services and contents of Nomad Advisor; however, this license is subject to the present terms and conditions and does not include the resale or the commercial use of our services. It is neither allowed to distribute, to perform or to display in public any contents of Nomad Advisor, nor is it permitted to modify or to make any derivative use of our services and the material of Nomad Advisor outside of this website.

Any use of the services or the contents of Nomad Advisor which is not explicitly authorized in this present document or authorized by a priorly written consent of Nomad Advisor is severely prohibited. A violation of this prohibition might lead to the termination of the right to use the already conferred license. The license is revocable at any time.



The logo of Nomad Advisor and of any other service of Nomad Advisor as well as any service name or slogan are trademarks of Nomad Advisor and cannot be copied, imitated or used, neither entirely nor partly, without the priorly written consent of Nomad Advisor. It is prohibited to use metatags or any other kind of ‘hidden text’ without our prior written consent. Our services, including all our page headers, our custom graphics, buttons, icons and scripts are the service mark and trademark of Nomad Advisor and cannot be copied, imitated or used, entirely or partly, without a priorly written permission of us. All other trademarks, registered trademarks, product names and names or logos cited in our Services are the property of the respective owners. The reference to services, products, processes or other information via trade name, trademark, producer, provider or otherwise does not include or represent endorsement, sponsorship or recommendation thereof by us.



The user hereby guarantees and warrants to use our services in agreement with any and all local, national and international laws.

Also, you hereby guarantee and warrant not to use our services if the laws of your country prohibit you to use Nomad Advisor in agreement with the present terms and conditions. (For example, if you are prohibited to give the information we require or if your country does not allow your participation in this kind of Internet activity.)

Using our services the user guarantees and warrants that this use neither violates nor makes Nomad Advisor violating the laws of her/his country.



There is no case in which Nomad Advisor can be hold responsible for any damage, defect, disturbance or delay caused directly or indirectly by the use of its services.



NomadAdvisor (and each of our user and afiliates) shall be indemnified, defended and hold harmless from any claim, request, action, damage, loss, cost or expenses, including legal expenses, arising out of or relating to:

– the use of our services

– any user’s content

– any violation of the present terms and conditions

– any violation of the rights of a third party

– any user’s conduct in connection with the services

You guarantee and warrant to use Nomad Advisor in coherence with our terms and conditions and you accept to indemnify Nomad Advisor in case you have violated the present terms and conditions. Also, if you use our services in the behalf of another entity, you guarantee and warrant that this entity will indemnify you and Nomad Advisor in case there is a violation of the present terms and conditions by this very account.



If you ever experience or experienced violently, sexually or otherwise inapropriate and offensive behaviour while using our services, or if someone steals from you or disturbs you in another inacceptable way while you are participating in our services, we strongly encourage you to contact immediately local authorities and report this person to them as well as to us by using the Nomad Advisor report assistance or the contact form. But we also ask you to note, that even if we want you to report inadequate conduction to local auhtorities and to us we are neither responsible for the occurence nor we are responsible for the acts of our users and we are not obligated to take any action.

If you are not using Nomad Advisor consistent with the present terms and conditions we will at any moment in our sole and unfettered discretion have the right to

– suspend the user’s access to our services

– deactivate or cancel the user’s account and all the information or files related to it

– block the user’s access to certain files or services 

In case we decide to apply one or more of these rights, it is not allowed to register for another account on Nomad Advisor without our priorly written consent. 

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